Baby, times are changing

Looking back on 203 shows, 181 cities, 358 bus rides, 563 paninis, 3762 cans of beer and 812 Tripels, we are all smiles and feel so much gratitude for this great adventure shared with so many extraordinary people. We feel that time has come to make way for new beginnings, and with hearts full of love, we say goodbye to Evil Empire Orchestra.

We want to thank everyone who supported us throughout the years, with most special thanks to our fans. We couldn’t have done this without you. This is why we are going to give it all we’ve got, once last time.

We welcome you with open arms to Afsnis Ghent on December 11th 2019 and to Mombasa Antwerp on December 15th 2019, to celebrate this wonderful chapter and to go out with a bang together. Let’s raise a glass to memories that make our souls dance!

Thank you so much for having us