Evil Empire Orchestra

August 2017 –

Belgium’s Evil Empire Orchestra presents a wild crossover of psychedelic, soul jazz and garage funk. Ingredients? The rough, untamed soul vocals and mystical fire of front woman Kimberly Dhondt and the pulsating power and the godless grooves of her seven-piece band.

Dhondt’s voice is a mix of Beth Gibbons and Janis Joplin. Pure, uncompromising energy. The tight rhythm section and the sensual bass move your heart as well as your legs, and the compact three-piece brass section adds its own unique tone. This eight-piece orchestra has earned its place in the music world, a unique place where dirty soul meets psychedelic. Trefpunt (BE) have the band on their list of favourite live acts.

Evil Empire won their spurs with Boogie Belgique, Internationals, El Tattoo del Tigre, Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra and Creature with the Atom Brain. And now this outrageous ultra-band, that brings down the roof fast and furious at every vaunted musical haunt. Evil Empire Orchestra. A band you need to hear, see and feel.

Evil Empire Orchestra’s debut EP will be released on Friday, October 13th 2017 by Amsterdam based label Dox Records.

“Evil Empire Orchestra blew my socks off one sundrenched afternoon. Funk and soul, raw, deep and serious. If you want to get the place dancing, then don’t think twice. If you want your heart to melt in a sweet-and-sour mince, then get a load of Kimberly’s vocals. Without this, you don’t really have legs, or a heart.” – Jeroen Olyslaegers

Evil Empire Orchestra is:

Kimberly Dhondt – vocals
Thomas Deckx – drums
Mukti Gabriels – guitar
Dennis Nicles – bass
Martijn van den Broek – keyboard, percussion
Wannes Jacobs – baritone sax
Joachim Thys – tenor sax
Kris van Hees – trumpet